My 4 Make-up Essentials

My 4 Make-up Essentials

We all have our favorite make-up; And the must-have basics that we seem to have to buy more of than others. With the wide variety of options sometimes it seems like those shelves full of our weakness seem longer than what they are, and you’re not sure where you should look, or what you should get. I have four Make-up essentials you MUST HAVE in your make-up bag at all times. You can also read my beauty tips here.


We all have some sort of foundation in our make-up bag. It is a must have to hide those blemishes and dark spots on your face. The easiest and fastest way to apply foundation is with your fingers. Dab the skin-tone matching foundation to your face, and gently blend it into your skin. Some say only in spots that it is needed, but you should put an even layer across your whole face. It will make sure you get an even and natural looking skin tone. To completely rid of those blemishes, I suggest you also find a good concealer.


This is definitely a must have. Blush is what completes your appearance. If you are looking for a more natural look, use a light color tone. The shade is what makes the difference. A light pink will make you look like you are just blushing, rather than actually wearing the make-up. For that all natural look avoid blush with shimmer in it.


If you want your eyes to pop, consider mascara. There are lots of different kinds, and brands out there. I would suggest looking at this list of the best mascara options, to find the best option for you. You don’t want to end up with a mascara that is goopy and clumps your lashes together.

A good tip when applying mascara, curl your eyelashes first, if it is possible. Put the brush to your lashes, avoiding the lid, and as you gently move up, move the brush in a zig zag motion. This will not only ensure you get every lash; It also helps to prevent your lashes from clumping together. Add mascara to your bag to get long, lush lashes.


Last, but definitely not least. Eyeshadow is probably the most popular make-up essential us make-up lovers carry with us. There’s tons of different colors ranging from black to silver, and red to green. The possibility is endless. You can make a smoky-eye, or a simple natural look. Match the color with your outfit, or the color of your eyes. This is the big must have.

In my opinion, these are my top four must have’s, but when it comes to make-up, it seems we can never have enough. A good tip to keep in mind is not to over-do your make-up. If your skin can’t breathe, you create more issues for yourself. Doing this can lead to acne. You have to remember a little goes a long way. Stay beautiful ladies, and men if that’s your thing. There’s no judgement here.