5 Beauty Tips You Should Know

5 Beauty Tips You Should Know

First of all, let me say; I am a woman and I understand the need and desire to want to feel beautiful. We are all told we are naturally beautiful and we do not need the makeup or the colored hair.

It doesn’t change the feeling we get inside when we feel insecure about ourselves. Sometimes, it’s deeper than that. Very dry and coarse hair lead to hair loss. Acne can leave scars. There are things us women should know.

Beauty Tips That You Should Know!

Here I break down my top five must-know beauty tips. Not all are about looking beautiful on the outside. It’s going to be about taking care of your skin, and hair. Which brings me to number one:

Washing your hair- the right way

I was surprised there was a wrong way to get your hair clean. We don’t even realize how common we make these mistakes. This can lead to damaged hair, which we don’t want. So here is the correct way you should be washing your hair.

  • Rinse- Make sure it is thoroughly wet, and use warm to hot water
  • Condition before shampooing– This protects your hair ends from drying out. We don’t want that now do we.
  • Shampoo only at the scalp– Experts say the nape of your neck is the most important.
  • Gentle is the key- If you are too rough, you can be causing damage.
  • Don’t rinse and repeat- The bottle says to; But unless your hair is really dirty, there’s no need.
  • Condition from mid-length to tips- make sure you squeeze excess water from your hair before applying; And leave in while you finish showering before rinsing.
  • Finish with a cold rinse- Cold water will close your cuticles, leaving you with shinier healthier-looking hair

Who knew there was such a process with wash your hair. I will never wash my hair the same. Cheers to healthy and beautiful hair.

To get the full instructions and the reasoning behind this method, visit this website.

How to get rid of blackheads

tips to get rid of blackhead

Blackheads are pesky little things. If they are on your face, it’s like a sign saying, “Look at me.” And if you are talking one on one with someone, the last thing you want is for blackheads to be the main attention. Follow these steps to become free of these menace black dots.

  • Baking soda to exfoliate– This buffs away dull skin and frees you of clogged pores which ultimately lead to blackheads
  • Pore strips– who says beauty is painless? Wet the area you need to treat, apply the strip and wait a good fifteen minutes for it to dry. Here comes the painful part. I suggest ripping it off like a band-aid (or a wax strip). This will be the less painful way. If you get grossed out easily I wouldn’t recommend looking at the strip, but it’s pretty neat to see what you actually carry around with you no matter how much you wash and keep yourself clean.
  • Clay Masks- Clay-based masks draw out dirt and other bacteria in your skin. You’ll see astonishing results if you use a clay mask on a regular basis.

There are more tips on how to get rid of blackheads. I recommend that you take a look at them if you suffer with this common beauty-flaw.

How to properly prepare your face before applying make-up

  • Wash your hands and face- Your hands touch everything during the day, and are guaranteed to carry the most bacteria. You’ll also put oils and dirt on your face so the number one most important tips before applying any makeup is to wash your hands. As for washing your face, this will ensure you will put make-up on clean skin, washing away any dirt and oils. To wash your face, you can either splash lukewarm water on it or use a cleanser.
  • Apply a moisturizer- Doing this will help your makeup go on easier, and you will notice the end look is better. This is the last step before actually applying your make-up. Let the moisturizer dry for about three minutes before applying any make-up. Once the moisturizer is dry you are good to apply foundation.

Acne cleaners-The best of the best

  1. ProactivI’m sure we have heard of it, at one point or another. There’s ads everywhere. This is one of the best acne cleansers to help get your face smooth and your confidence back.
  2. Paula’s Choice Clear Pore Normalizing CleanserWhoo! That was a mouthful. I don’t mind saying, or writing it. There have been many satisfied customers, and is more affordable then Proactiv. It’s supposed to be excellent for those with dry skin.

Clean your makeup brushes

It’s important to always clean your brushes to wash away any oils and bacteria that may have still made it onto your brush. To properly clean your brush, you should follow these directions.

  1. How often you should be cleaning them- At least once a week, if not more. Particularly if you are wearing make-up every day.
  2. Don’t soak them too long- If the brush soaks up too much water, it will loosen the glue and the hairs of your brush will start to fall out, damaging it.

For an extra tip, if you need a backup wash, baby shampoo will do the trick. To give your brushes an extra-good cleaning, swish them in rubbing alcohol before giving them a good cleaning with a brush cleaner.

I hope you’ve found this article useful and you may want to read this fitness tips.