About Me

myselfHi, my name is Liana Hanson. I’m ecstatic you happened to stumble across my blog.

I’m a 27-year old woman from New York. When I graduated high school, I decided to go to college to get an English degree, and I ended up graduating with not only that but with a minor in creative writing. Today, I have my own blog and spend my time out in the world to find information. Women go to great lengths to try to make themselves portray the perfect look, along with wanting to be healthy; And I wanted to focus on that.

The reason behind my focus on beauty and fitness/health is lengthy. When I was just a young child I was overweight. My parents were too, and they didn’t have the best eating habits. When I was a kid, I know I loved my chocolate. I still do, but now I know what moderation is.  When I hit ten or eleven and boys started not to be annoying anymore, I started to get self-conscious. The boys didn’t notice me like other girls did, so I decided I wanted to lose weight. Seems silly, but back then when I was a teenager, boys were everything to girls.

I didn’t know how to lose the weight though. And I struggled with this until I was fourteen and my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic.

My doctor referred us to a nutritionist. The doctor said if I couldn’t get my weight down, I was going to be a diabetic. I kind of knew what that meant. In my head, all my fourteen-year-old brain could think about was, “I don’t want to take shots every day!” I didn’t know the serious risks that come with diabetes and being overweight.

After seeing a nutritionist, my mother took me shopping and we grabbed almost everything that was on the list we were given. My mother told me she was going to do this with me. I remember relief when she told me that. I was a little scared, and worried I couldn’t do it. For exercise, we went for a walk if we could every day.

The first time I stepped on the scale after two weeks of nothing but healthy food, drinks and snacks I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had lost ten pounds. I noticed my face looked skinnier and my hips had shrunk down a bit too. I was so excited. My mother had lost twenty-two pounds in those first two weeks.

After those two-weeks I was hooked. I started jogging when walking became easy. I didn’t jog for long, but slowly it all became part of what I do. Before I knew it, running was my love. I managed to lose all the extra weight, and I even had joined the track team at my school.

Now I make it my mission to write about my passion; Living healthy, and of course beauty. Who doesn’t love good makeup tips and the best clothes. Even more important; If I can just help one person make the change, I have impacted that one person’s life. That in itself, is the most rewarding.

Liana Hanson